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Incentive Programs

Incentive programs have become an integral part of the sales and marketing equation. MSE Events Group's knowledge in this area is unparalleled in the industry and will provide you and your clients the most unforgettable experience.


Travel is a powerful and proven motivator. It is a highly effective tool when employed as the ultimate reward for a structured incentive scheme or as the strategic vehicle to facilitate a successful business event. However, Incentives are not limited to travel only. Check out our corporate hospitality packages which have been used to incentivise customers and employees.

It is the little details which can mean the most.

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group travel

MSE Events Group are a licensed Travel Agent allowing for a personalised and prompt experience when booking all your travel needs. This includes but is not limited to, Flights, Accommodation, Transfers, Car Hire, Day Tours, Travel Insurance and so much more. It makes it a seamless experience for you and your guests, as we are a one-stop-shop, for example delegates arranging their own extension pre or post a business Incentive Program.


What better way to develop an Incentive Program than to have it based around a renowned special event! From prime tickets to Wimbledon, to a corporate box at the NASCAR's, MSE Events Group are fortunate to have expertise in planning and executing many Incentive Programs based around special events across Australia and abroad. 

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Different clients have different needs, so each program is thoroughly researched by the assigned Project Team. The logistics of shipping event collateral interstate or overseas, moving people around in the destination, re-arranging a program on the go, MSE Events Group will be with you in ensuring that everything and everyone move seamlessly throughout the event from start to finish. 

on-site management

MSE Events Group are proud and confident in our capabilities to manage Incentive Programs on the ground. An MSE staff member can host or co-host the Incentive program with you, to ensure everything runs as planned so you, along with your guests can relax and take in the unforgettable experience. 

Hamilton Island QLD
F1 Shanghai CHINA
SkyWalk Auckland
Harley Davidson Factory, York USA
Jinrikisha “Rickshaw” Ride, Japan
Sumo Wrestling, Japan
Philadelphia USA
Richmond Raceway USA
Washington DC USA
Princess Cruise
Princess Cruise
Beijing CHINA
Hamilton Island QLD
Cable Beach WA
Broome WA
2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition
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